High Speed Digital Video and Photography

The development of CMOS sensors with active pixel sensor (APS) technology has allowed for the development of high speed digital cameras capable of acquiring videos at extremely high frame rates. These high speed cameras allow for time-resolved imaging of high speed flows. At SAFL, these cameras allow for the depiction of various cavitation phenomenon slowed down several thousand times their actual speed. These cameras are also crucial for use with Time-Resolved Particle Image Velocimetry systems.

SAFL is currently equipped with four Photron high speed cameras: 3x Photron Fastcam 1024 PCI cameras (1 MPixel resolution, capable of 1000 frames/second at full 1024x1024 pixel resolution), 1 Photron ultima APX-RS camera (1 Mpixel resolution, capable of 3000 frames/second at full 1 MPixel resolution, 10000 frames/second at 512x512 pixel resolution, and 250000 frames/second at limited resolution).