Media Coverage

Supercavity study featured on 10 Episodes TV documentary on the History of Weapons (Story House Media Group, Germany), 3/2018:

Study on gas jet supercavitation is selected as Editor's Pick by Physics of Fluids,  12/2017: Experimental investigation of ventilated supercavitation with gas jet cavitator


Study on supercavitation closure mechanism appeared on the cover of Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2/2016: An experimental investigation into supercavity closure mechanisms


closure cover page

Supercavitaiton work was reported in Germany popular science magazine PM (Welt des Wissens), 11/2014


TV Production for NOVA Series: "Ancient Cataclysms" - Part One: Cavitation Erosion in Cataclysmic Flood. (WGBH/BBC), Fall 2005

Cataclysmic Floods and Cavitation Erosion